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US GAAP účtová osnova

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Account Title Account # Balance
Assets 1 Dr
Cash And Investments 1.1 Dr
Cash And Cash Equivalents 1.1.1 Dr
Investments And Securities 1.1.2 Dr
Derivative Instruments And Hedges 1.1.3 Dr
Capital Leases, Lessor 1.1.4 Dr
Restricted Assets 1.1.5 Dr
Intercompany Investments 1.1.6 Dr
Receivables 1.2 Dr
Accounts, Notes And Loans 1.2.1 Dr
Notes And Loans Receivable 1.2.2 Dr
Receivables With Imputed Interest 1.2.3 Dr
Contracts Or Programs 1.2.4 Dr
Other Receivables 1.2.5 Dr
Inventory 1.3 Dr
Merchandise, Material And Supplies 1.3.1 Dr
Work In Process 1.3.2 Dr
Finished Goods 1.3.3 Dr
Capitalized Contract Cost 1.3.4 Dr
Other Inventory 1.3.5 Dr
Inventory For Long-Term Contracts Or Programs 1.3.6 Dr
Allowances And Adjustments 1.3.7 (Cr)
Accrued, Deferred And Other Assets 1.4 Dr
Prepaid Expense 1.4.1 Dr
Returnable Deposits 1.4.2 Dr
Accrued Revenue 1.4.3 Dr
Deferred Costs 1.4.4 Dr
Other Accrued And Deferred Assets 1.4.5 Dr
Investments And Other Assets 1.4.6 Dr
Property, Plant And Equipment 1.5 Dr
Land, Buildings And Improvements 1.5.1 Dr
Machinery And Equipment 1.5.2 Dr
Other Property, Plant And Equipment 1.5.3 Dr
Assets Under Construction 1.5.4 Dr
Intangible Assets 1.6 Dr
Intangible Assets Excluding Goodwill 1.6.1 Dr
Goodwill 1.6.2 Dr
Acquisitions In Progress 1.6.3 Dr
Liabilities 2 (Cr)
Accounts Payable And Accrued Liabilities 2.1 (Cr)
Accounts Payable 2.1.1 (Cr)
Accrued Liabilities 2.1.2 (Cr)
Employee-Related Liabilities 2.1.3 (Cr)
Taxes Payable 2.1.4 (Cr)
Interest And Dividends Payable 2.1.5 (Cr)
Debt And Capital Lease Obligations 2.2 (Cr)
Debts 2.2.1 (Cr)
Notes And Loans Payable 2.2.2 (Cr)
Special Assessment Bond 2.2.3 (Cr)
Long-Term Federal Home Loan Bank Advances 2.2.4 (Cr)
Capital Lease Obligations 2.2.5 (Cr)
Deferred Revenue And Credits 2.3 (Cr)
Contracts Or Programs 2.4 (Cr)
Billings In Excess Of Cost 2.4.1 (Cr)
Derivative Instruments And Hedges 2.5 (Cr)
Derivative Liability 2.5.1 (Cr)
Hedging Liabilities 2.5.2 (Cr)
Energy Marketing Contract Liabilities 2.5.3 (Cr)
Liabilities Other Than Debt 2.6 (Cr)
Related Party Liabilities 2.7 (Cr)
Related Party Accounts Payable 2.7.1 (Cr)
Related Party Notes Payable 2.7.2 (Cr)
Due To Employees 2.7.3 (Cr)
Due To Officers Or Stockholders 2.7.4 (Cr)
Due To Affiliate 2.7.5 (Cr)
Due To Other Related Parties 2.7.6 (Cr)
Other Liabilities 2.8 (Cr)
Equity 3 (Cr)
Paid-In Capital 3.1 (Cr)
Common Stock 3.1.1 (Cr)
Preferred Stock 3.1.2 (Cr)
Additional Paid-In Capital 3.1.3 (Cr)
Legal Equity (Statutory Capital) 3.1.4 (Cr)
Retained Earnings 3.2 Dr / (Cr)
Appropriated 3.2.1 (Cr)
Unappropriated 3.2.2 (Cr)
Retained Earnings Deficit 3.2.3 Dr
Suspense Account 3.2.4 Dr / (Cr)
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income 3.3 Dr / (Cr)
Foreign Currency Translation Gain (Loss) 3.3.1 Dr / (Cr)
Available For Sale Securities Gain (Loss) 3.3.2 Dr / (Cr)
Impairment Debt Securities 3.3.3 Dr
Cash Flow Hedges Gain (Loss) 3.3.4 Dr / (Cr)
Defined Benefit Plan Income (Loss) 3.3.5 Dr / (Cr)
Other Equity 3.4 Dr / (Cr)
Unearned Sop Shares 3.4.1 Dr
Receivable From Officers, Directors For Issuance Of Capital Stock 3.4.2 Dr
Receivable From Shareholders Or Affiliates For Issuance Of Capital Stock 3.4.3 Dr
Stockholders' Equity Note, Subscriptions Receivable 3.4.4 Dr
Warrants, Rights Outstanding 3.4.5 (Cr)
Other Additional Capital 3.4.6 (Cr)
Treasury Stock 3.4.7 Dr
Additional Items 3.4.8 Dr / (Cr)
Equity Attributable To Non-Controlling Interest 3.5 (Cr)
Revenue 4 (Cr)
Goods 4.1 (Cr)
Products And Merchandise 4.1.1 (Cr)
Products (Cr)
Merchandise (Cr)
Allowances, Discounts 4.1.2 Dr
Returns, Allowances Dr
Sales Discounts (Consideration Paid To Customers) Dr
Services 4.2 (Cr)
General Services 4.2.1 (Cr)
Allowances, Discounts 4.2.2 Dr
Sales Allowances Dr
Sales Discounts Dr
Itemized Services 4.2.3 (Cr)
Other Sales Revenues (Cr)
Other Operating Income 4.3 (Cr)
Other Recurring Income 4.3.1 (Cr)
Expenses 5 Dr
Expenses Classified By Function 5.1 Dr
Cost Of Revenue 5.1.1 Dr
Cost Of Goods Sold Dr
Cost Of Services Rendered Dr
Other Costs Of Sales Dr
Selling, General, Administrative 5.1.2 Dr
Selling And Marketing Dr
General, Administrative Expenses Dr
Other Operating Expenses Dr
Doubtful Accounts 5.1.3 Dr
Expenses Classified By Nature 5.2 Dr
Merchandise, Material, Supplies And Utilities 5.2.1 Dr
Employee Benefits 5.2.2 Dr
Services 5.2.3 Dr
Rent, Depreciation, Amortization And Depletion 5.2.4 Dr
Taxes And Fees 5.2.5 Dr
Other Expenses 5.2.6 Dr
Other Revenue, Expenses, Gains And Losses 6 Dr / (Cr)
Gains And Losses 6.1 Dr / (Cr)
Foreign Currency 6.1.1 Dr / (Cr)
Other Non-Operating Income Or Loss 6.1.2 Dr / (Cr)
Restructuring Charge 6.1.3 Dr
Inventory Write-Downs (Not Recognized In Cost Of Sales) 6.1.4 Dr
Impairment Charge 6.1.5 Dr
Extinguishment Of Debt 6.1.6 Dr / (Cr)
Business Combination, Acquisition Related Costs 6.1.7 Dr
Gain (Loss) Related To Litigation Settlement 6.1.8 Dr / (Cr)
Asset Retirement Obligation 6.1.9 Dr / (Cr)
Unusual And/Or Infrequent Items 6.1.10 Dr / (Cr)
Additional Itemized Gains And Losses 6.1.11 Dr / (Cr)
Non-Operating Revenues, Expenses 6.2 Dr / (Cr)
Non-Operating Revenues 6.2.1 (Cr)
Non-Operating Expenses 6.2.2 Dr
Non-Monetary Transactions 6.3 Dr / (Cr)
Income Tax (Benefit) 7 Dr / (Cr)